Are Whole Foods Actually Better Than Processed Food? Pics Explain Why

are whole foods actually better than processed food pics explain why

Sumary of Are Whole Foods Actually Better Than Processed Food? Pics Explain Why:

  • We have often heard that whole foods are better for health than processed foods.
  • Dietitians and experts recommend eating natural produce and including more of it in the diet.
  • Author and podcast host Max Lugavare took to Instagram to clarify the difference between eating processed food versus whole foods.
  • Even though the two may have the same number of calories, eating whole foods is always a better choice.
  • Take a look:(Also Read: Turmeric, Cornflakes And Other Foods You Should Consider Eating If You Are Over 50)The images were from another Instagram blogger, @meowmeix, also known for busting myths related to health and nutrition.
  • “The power of switching your diet to more whole foods and fewer processed foods.
  • In the photos, we could see a comparision between high calorie processed foods and lower calorie whole foods.

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