Can Taking a Vitamin D Supplement Help Protect Against COVID-19?


Sumary of Can Taking a Vitamin D Supplement Help Protect Against COVID-19?:

  • Scientific Research on Using Vitamin D for Respiratory Illnesses, Including COVID-19 Some preliminary research explores the potential uses of vitamin D in preventing or treating COVID-19..
  • Kenny says it possible people to the north have higher levels of vitamin D because their diets are high in food that has been fortified with vitamin D..
  • it wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how vitamin D levels may directly impact the risk of developing or dying from COVID-19..
  • Researchers also got their data on vitamin D levels and supplementation policies in different countries via previously published papers that used a wide variety of methods to determine what proportion of people had vitamin D deficiency..
  • Also, researchers didn’t examine other micronutrients, including zinc, selenium, and vitamin B6, which may also influence immune function and COVID-19 risk, the study team wrote..
  • This study looked for gene variants strongly associated with increased vitamin D levels in 4,134 people with COVID-19 infections and almost 1.3 million uninfected individuals..
  • They wanted to see if people might have a lower risk of becoming infected with the virus or developing severe COVID-19 infections if they had a genetic predisposition for higher vitamin D levels..
  • The study didn’t find any evidence that genetically predicted vitamin D levels influenced whether people got COVID-19 infections….

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