Can’t stand haldi doodh? Give this spiced turmeric tea recipe a chance to bask in curcumin’s hea …

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I am a big fan of turmeric and its beauty benefits. And not the synthetic powdered kind we use for our daily sabzis, mind you. I prefer using the whole root–fresh and raw–pounded well with yoghurt and a dash of besan for glorious skin. Of course, I am not blind to turmeric’s health benefits. After all, Indians moms’ fascination with haldi doodh–no matter how icky it tastes–is legendary. Obviously, there is enough scientific backing to support curcumin–which is the starring component in turmeric.  In fact, many studies state that curcumin can keep your ticker healthy, help you deal with injuries and inflammatory conditions, and even keep cancer at bay. And yet, eating turmeric raw (like many Ayurvedic practitioners suggest) or drinking it with milk is not something I could manage. Because let’s face it: haldi is not the best tasting thing in the world.

Also, read: Does turmeric have the power to fight against the deadly novel coronavirus? Let’s find out And yet, I didn’t want to lose out on all healthy goodness (I blame my love for junk food for this move). So I decided to brew myself some turmeric tea.

Drink a cuppa full of haldi tea for good health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What the hell is turmeric tea? Frankly, there is absolutely no tea in this concoction. Rather, this simple recipe calls for boiling some raw turmeric in water. Here is how I prepare it:

Ingredients 1-inch piece raw turmeric 1 small cinnamon bark A pinch of fennel seeds 1 cup water Honey to taste

Preparation 1.…

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