Could Coffee or Tea Lower Your Odds for Dementia and Stroke?

could coffee or tea lower your odds for dementia and stroke

Sumary of Could Coffee or Tea Lower Your Odds for Dementia and Stroke?:

  • For close to 14 years, scientists stacked up coffee and tea consumption against the risk of stroke and dementia among nearly 366,000 healthy Brits between 50 and 74 years of age.
  • Data about study participants came from the UK Biobank, which collected health information from 22 care centers in the United Kingdom.
  • The largest group –16% — reported drinking between a half-cup and 1 cup of coffee a day and roughly 4 cups of tea.
  • And drinking coffee — even in very small amounts — was linked to a lower risk for both.
  • While lower risk was seen for ischemic strokes resulting from a blood clot or narrowed arteries, there was no reduction in risk for a less common form of stroke (hemorrhagic) that results from blood vessel breakage.
  • “This finding certainly supports what we know about so many plant foods: They offer many health-related benefits beyond just the vitamins and minerals they contain.
  • ” Another U.S. expert agreed, noting that coffee and tea contain several chemical compounds, not just caffeine, which have health benefits.

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