DIY teeth whitening trick – eating ‘natural tooth whitener’ will boost your smile

diy teeth whitening trick eating natural tooth whitener will boost your smile

Sumary of DIY teeth whitening trick – eating ‘natural tooth whitener’ will boost your smile:

  • “Strawberries contain malic acid which is actually a natural tooth whitener,” Dr. Hanna told Express.
  • Dr. Hanna Kinsella runs her own dental practice and founded her own dental range, Icy Bear Dental.
  • High cholesterol: The best diet to significantly reduce dangerous cholesterol in weeksDr. Hanna said: “Obviously don’t go too hard on the strawberries, and don’t rub them on the teeth or keep them against the enamel for too long, but a healthy amount of them can help with whitening.
  • DON’T MISSFood high in ‘powerful antioxidants’ that lowers blood sugar spikes by 35% [DIABETES] The ‘unexpected’ side effect after third dose – Pfizer finding [SHOCK] Dr Hanna Kinsella’s ‘simple diet changes’ to help keep teeth white [EXPERT] Other fruits can, therefore, also whiten your teeth.
  • Dr. Hanna went on: “In the same vein, apples are a great way of cleaning the teeth (in some form!

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