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One of life’s true miracles, the humble egg is maybe one of the most versatile foodstuffs on the planet. It’s formed in 24 to 26 hours and hens can lay up to 250 eggs a year. The incredible egg is pure protein and there are numerous (both sweet and savoury) methods to prepare this natural nutritional powerhouse.

Eggs can be added raw to smoothies, they can be fried, boiled, scrambled or poached and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

They can be bought nearly anywhere, they last for a number of weeks, they are relatively inexpensive and they can do magical things to baked goods.

We all know how easily they can be knocked up into a meal, but there’s also a lot more to the egg than meets the eye. Here’s all the things you need to know about the mighty egg.

1. Eggs are ancient history

Humans have been eating eggs since the dawn of human time. The Ancient Romans ate peafowl eggs and the Chinese were said to be fond of pigeon eggs. When most of us think of an egg it’s usually the kind laid by a hen, however quail, duck, goose and turkey eggs are also among those consumed. Ostrich and Emu eggs are possibly the largest edible eggs weighing in at 1-2kg. Then there’s also fish eggs such as Caviar and Hilsa – a delicacy packed with essential nutrients.

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