Europe’s air quality improved but pollution still killing 300,000 a year

europes air quality improved but pollution still killing 300000 a year

Sumary of Europe’s air quality improved but pollution still killing 300,000 a year:

  • Issued on: 15/11/2021 – 17:20 Premature deaths caused by fine particle air pollution have fallen by 10 percent annually across Europe, but still account for 307,000 premature deaths a year -the same number as smoking or poor diet.
  • Deaths caused by nitrogen dioxide — mainly from car, trucks and thermal power stations — fell by a quarter to 40,000 between 2018 and 2019.Fatalities linked to ground-level ozone in 2019 also dropped 13 percent to 16,800 dead.
  • Biggest environmental threatAir pollution remains the biggest environmental threat to human health in Europe, the agency said.
  • Heart disease and strokes cause most premature deaths blamed on air pollution, followed by lung ailments including cancer.
  • In children, atmospheric pollution can harm lung development, cause respiratory infections and aggravate asthma.
  • Even if the situation is improving, the EEA warned in September that most EU countries were still above the recommended pollution limits, be they European guidelines or more ambitious WHO targets.

(with AFP)

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