Guide to Eat Right: Cutting through the cholesterol confusion

guide to eat right cutting through the cholesterol confusion

Sumary of Guide to Eat Right: Cutting through the cholesterol confusion:

  • High blood cholesterol level is a known risk factor for heart diseases.
  • Decade-old nutritional guidelines suggested dietary cholesterol as one of the major contributors to elevate the blood cholesterol level.
  • However, these guidelines are now challenged by recent scientific revelation and negate dietary cholesterol as a significant contributing factor to cardiovascular diseases for most people.
  • Here, we discuss current scientific evidence to understand the role of dietary cholesterol in elevating blood lipid levels and the risk of heart diseases.
  • Blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol are different According to National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), National Institute of Health, US, cholesterol that circulates in the blood is a waxy, fat-like substance, produced by the liver when needed.
  • Dietary cholesterol is found in animal foods, such as meats, liver and other organ meats, full-fat dairy, egg yolks, and shellfish and is absorbed in relatively small amounts.
  • What research says A systematic review of 40 studies by Samantha Berger and colleagues found consumption of cholesterol-containing foods was not associated with any coronary artery disease, ischemic stroke, or hemorrhagic stroke.
  • In a review article titled ‘Rethinking dietary cholesterol’, Maria L Fernandez suggested reconsidering the common notion to limit dietary cholesterol in controlling blood cholesterol.

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