Here are 5 health benefits of taking hot showers that will make you happy

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There are times when we toss and turn in our beds at night, unable to journey into the land of dreams. Heading to the washroom for a hot shower could be a quick way to get some respite.

Wondering how? Hot showers activate the parasympathetic nervous system thus helping us relax. Not only sleep, but a hot shower also provides relief from respiratory issues and reduces blemishes.

A collaborative study by the Japan Health and Research Institute, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University revealed that water temperature has considerable physiological effects on the human body.

Here are five benefits of a hot shower :

It lowers blood sugar The research found that a hot shower helps lower blood sugar and burn calories. Scientists recruited 14 men for the study and measured their blood sugar for 24 hours after each hot shower. They found that the men burned as many calories as a 30-minute walk and had lowered blood sugar levels.

2. It offers relief from respiratory symptoms Scientists have proven that standing in a hot shower with steam helps open airways, loosen phlegm in the respiratory system and clears out nasal passages.

3. It can give you cleaner, healthier skin A good hot shower can open up the pores of the skin and wash out some of the dirt and toxins from it.

Say bye to those clingy pore dirt with powerful magic of warm showers .Image…From -

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Author: Shipra Yadav

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