Here are the top 4 pimple-killing ingredients to cure all your acne woes

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Ever wondered how you can keep that nasty acne away? If you are nodding furiously, then ladies, it’s time to do away with them once and for all. Yes, dealing with acne has always been challenging and sometimes it’s the cosmetics that you use which cause an uncontrolled breakout. Other times it’s the environment that’s the culprit. If your daily commute takes you through a lot of traffic, the pollution may result in skin irritations that cause pimples and acne. 

However, according to Dr Soni Gupta (senior consultant dermatologist) at Max Healthcare, several acne-fighting ingredients and vitamins have been found in everyday items like fish, raspberry, and tomatoes. They work brilliantly when it comes to reducing acne. Some combat excessive oil while others found in high protein, low glycemic foodstuffs help improve a nasty acne situation. 

According to Dr Gupta, here are the top four ingredients that will make your acne a thing of the past :

Fish is a rich source of necessary vitamins
Fish like salmon have a vital ingredient called omega-3 fatty acids that bring a whole lot of improvement to any acne condition. Fish oil supplements can be your acne freeing companion. Image courtesy : Shutterstock

The fatty acids helps in lowering inflammations in your body that aid acne reduction. It also acts on a protein called IGF-1 and reduces its production in the body as it is one of the main culprits behind an acne breakout. 

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