It’s time to take care of your liver with this liver-cleansing detox diet


Do you know that your liver is the second largest organ in the human body? This vital organ plays a significant role in our digestive function. All the food, liquid and medication we consume is processed because of our well-functioning liver.  This makes taking a liver-cleansing detox diet important.

The liver is prone to multiple viruses, substances and contaminants present in the food and water since its a multi-functionary organ. The presence of liver problems can often go unnoticed as it shows up little or few symptoms.

According to WHO, liver diseases are the 10th most common cause of deaths in India. Obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis viruses are the most common causes of liver disease.

Even along with the major advances taken in medical research, a complete cure hasn’t been found yet. The only identified treatment is a liver transplant. So, to safeguard our liver, healthy lifestyle choices are of utmost importance.

Here, Dr Namita Nadar, head nutritionist at Fortis Hospital Noida shares eight ways to detox your liver with your diet: 

1. Eat more turmeric Since centuries Ayurveda has turmeric as a medicine to heal and reignite our body’s healthy functioning.

Say yes to turmeric as it might help you keep your liver hearty! Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

Being rich in curcumin, this compound helps the enzymes to flush out toxins, repairing liver cells. It also boosts bile production.…

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Author: Shipra Yadav

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