Jaffa Cakes bombshell: McVitie’s reveal chocolate is on the BOTTOM


Sumary of Jaffa Cakes bombshell: McVitie’s reveal chocolate is on the BOTTOM:

  • The Edinburgh-biscuit company have revealed the chocolate is actually on the bottom of the Jaffa Cake, contrary to popular belief..
  • In a screenshot of a Twitter conservation shared widely on UK Facebook groups, McVitie’s appear to have confirmed that chocolate goes on the bottom of a Jaffa Cake UK social media user known as David claims to have asked the Jaffa Cake team to confirm which side of the treat is the top via Facebook messenger..
  • ‘Hi David, our Jaffa Cakes go through a reservoir of chocolate, so the chocolate is the bottom, Thanks Jaffa Cake’ to which David quickly replied:.
  • The post was then shared to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tricks and Tips, where many disagreed with the news..
  • McVitie’s have previously weighed in on the debate, revealing that it’s not just Jaffa Cakes but all their sweet treats that have the chocolate on the bottom ‘Omg that’s like eating a ham salad sandwich with the ham on the bottom and salad on top….

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