Mouthwatering meat-free meals from the new Linda McCartney book


Sumary of Mouthwatering meat-free meals from the new Linda McCartney book:

  • My favourite dessert was Mum rice pudding and she also baked great brownies and lemon drizzle cake – things I still make today..
  • Mash with the butter and milk until smooth, then season generously to taste with salt and pepper and set aside..
  • Add the spices and cook for another 3 minutes until aromatic, then add the black beans, tomatoes and 250ml of water and bring to the boil..
  • Serve the beans on top with the guacamole and salsa, then sprinkle with coriander leaves, chilli flakes and lime wedges..
  • Serve immediately, with the remaining coriander leaves scattered over the top and some tortilla chips, crackers or sticks of raw vegetables alongside..
  • How Mum’s American background influenced the food we ate at home Mum American background definitely influenced the food we ate at home..
  • When I was growing up on our farm in East Sussex, things like macaroni cheese did not exist in the local village..
  • – Stella The chargrilled artichokes in jars are perfect for this paella and give it an authentic Spanish taste….

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