Not just sugar levels. Diabetes can mess with your skin too in these 5 ways

Not just sugar levels. Diabetes can mess with your skin too in these 5 ways

Diabetics are prone to skin problems, but thankfully there are ways to tackle it. Here’s what a dermatologist suggests you should do.

If you think blood sugar fluctuations are all that diabetics suffer from, then you are highly mistaken. Skin woes are also a by-product of this ailment, and sometimes they can make things miserable. Itching, skin peeling, dryness, blisters — this list can just go on and on. These problems will not just make your skin look lifeless, but it also makes you look aged.

But what does diabetics have to do with skin? 

Dr Ajay Rana, a renowned dermatologist and aesthetic physician informs that diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to several other health and skin-related issues such as skin sores or a leg rash. 

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“The main reason for all these skin problems that diabetics suffer from are due to the increase in blood sugar or glucose levels in the body. Diabetes also affects the small blood vessels of the body that supply the skin with blood. The changes to the blood vessels because of diabetes can also cause severe skin conditions,” says Dr Rana.

He adds, “Because of diabetes, the blood vessels supplying blood to the skin become narrow, due to a lack of oxygen, and this leads to many skin problems. Decrease in blood circulation can also cause changes in the collagen levels of the skin.

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