Nutritionist’s View On Baby Foods: The Right Foods For Each Stage

Nutritionist’s View On Baby Foods: The Right Foods For Each Stage


oi-Mahima Setia

on November 21, 2020

Well-nourished babies grow up to be healthy, happy humans. As new parents, our primary job is to ensure that the little humans we bought into this world eat well and sleep well. Ironically, this also seems to be the toughest part of parenting a baby.

Amongst all the struggles we face day in and day out, one major concern is what to feed the baby, so he stays well nourished. The menu of the baby changes every few months as he grows and develops taste and texture preferences.

A few things we need to take care of once we start to familiarise the baby with foods apart from milk. A baby’s tummy is very vulnerable and prone to infections.

• Introduce 1-2 foods at a time. Introducing too many foods together might trigger a reaction that we might not be able to isolate.

• Start with one meal a day for the first two weeks and gradually move up to 2-3 meals a day.

• While on breast milk, the baby doesn’t need water. Once you start semi-solids or solids, introduce water as well to the baby’s diet.

• Make sure you never leave the baby alone with food to avoid any chance of the baby choking.

• Always prepare the food fresh and serve it. Do not store it for a long time; do not reheat and serve.

• Stay away from plastic cookware.…

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