One Major Effect Vitamin D Has On Your Gut, Study Says

one major effect vitamin d has on your gut study says

Sumary of One Major Effect Vitamin D Has On Your Gut, Study Says:

  • According to a study in Scientific Reports, 80 healthy females who were consuming an insufficient amount of vitamin D during the day were given 50,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D per week and found that there was an improved diversity of gut microbiota within participants after 12 weeks.
  • The study was also able to see improvements in the subject’s kidney and liver function, which is linked to increased blood calcium levels in the body (the body uses vitamin D to absorb calcium).
  • While researchers claim further studies need to be done in order to make a claim for vitamin D among healthy people, the study’s link between vitamin D supplementation and diverse gut microbiota is noteworthy.
  • Another study published in the journal Frontiers of Immunology found a significant link between the gut microbiome and the body’s immune system, and how vitamin D consumption is a key marker in the health of both of these functions.
  • It’s important to note that the participants of the Scientific Reports study consumed 50,000 IU per week—not per day.
  • While the intake of study participants is slightly higher than the UL recommended by the DRI, the toxicity of vitamin D is rare for most.

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