Popular Foods That Boost Your Immune System, Says Dietitian

popular foods that boost your immune system says dietitian

Sumary of Popular Foods That Boost Your Immune System, Says Dietitian:

  • ShutterstockWe’ll give it to you straight: despite folk wisdom, oranges and their juice aren’t a magic elixir for the common cold.
  • That said, the vitamin C they contain does appear to have a positive overall effect on the immune system because it supports your cells’ barrier against pathogens and reduces damage from free radicals.
  • Though ginger doesn’t launch a direct assault on viruses or bacteria, research shows that, because of its antioxidant properties, it helps reduce systemic inflammation.
  • In fact, red bell peppers outdo oranges to the tune of 108 extra milligrams of vitamin C per cup.
  • Get crunching on red peppers’ immune-boosting benefits with a side of hummus or a homemade ranch dressing.

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