Rice or roti: Which is better for weight loss?


The food we eat gives the body energy and helps us sustain through the day. However, a lot of people follow eating plans that require them to skip or include certain food items in their daily diet. But, there are many others who, in general, avoid eating grains, including rice, for the fear of gaining weight. But does eating rice really lead to weight gain? Also, does that make roti, which is made of wheat, a better alternative?

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija debunks the many myths of nutrition associated with the two staple grains of India.

Here’s what she had to say.

According to her, carbs or carbohydrates should not be banned if you are on your path to lose weight. “Carbs are energy-givers, sleep-enhancers, mood-lifters, and hunger busters,” she mentioned.

So, despite both cereals having a similar carbs profile, why is one considered better than the other?

“In my opinion, the choice is in your preference and the way your body reacts to it. Some find rice less filling than rotis and thus end up eating larger quantities per sitting. That’s where the trouble begins and the weight begins to rise with rice,” described Makhija, while adding that “the culprit is not the grain but your style of eating”.

“If you feel rice is less satiating, ensure that the quantity of vegetables or dal that you are eating is more or equal. Similarly, some find eating rotis very difficult to digest because it causes more gas.…

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