Secret Effects of Using Cinnamon, Says Science

secret effects of using cinnamon says science

Sumary of Secret Effects of Using Cinnamon, Says Science:

  • In many cases, the flavor of fall comes with a healthy helping of cinnamon, a spice that’s every bit as healthy as it is delicious.
  • Read on to discover the surprising side effects of using cinnamon, according to science.
  • ShutterstockGetting your cholesterol levels into healthy territory may be easier than you think—just make cinnamon a priority in your meal plan.
  • A study published in Diabetes Care found that, among a group of 60 adults with type 2 diabetes, those whose diets were supplemented with cinnamon reduced their LDL cholesterol by as much as 27% and their total cholesterol by as much as 26%.
  • ShutterstockWhether you have diabetes-related blood sugar control issues or just find yourself struggling with blood sugar-related mood changes, cinnamon may be able to help.
  • The same Diabetes Care study found that patients prescribed cinnamon supplementation reduced their average fasting glucose levels by as much as 29%.
  • ShutterstockIf you suffer from regular migraines, try adding some cinnamon to your menu.

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