The Hospital Group nutritionist reveals healthy-eating rules from around the world


Sumary of The Hospital Group nutritionist reveals healthy-eating rules from around the world:

  • A nutrition expert has revealed the rules to weight loss from around the world -including eating seven pieces of fruit and veg and fish three-times-a-day..
  • George Hamlyn-Williams, based in Nottingham, is the principal dietitian from The Hospital Group and following research that puts the UK’s obesity rate ten times higher than countries such as China, he turned to several countries’ nutritional guidelines to see what they were doing differently..
  • China recommends a daily intake of seven fruit and vegetable instead of the West’ recommendation of five a day..
  • However, the variety that China promotes is to ensure a healthy intake of vitamins and keep feeling full throughout the day..
  • ‘Norway dietary guidelines limit red meat intake to two to three small portions per week – ideally choosing poultry, lean meat or lean meat products,’ George explained..
  • ‘In addition, it prone to increase the risk of type-2 diabetes – with research showing that people who upped their red meat intake by 3.5 servings a week had a 50% increased chance of developing it..
  • George explained that food guidelines were very detailed for each individual – as opposed to other countries around the world..
  • ‘The US government acknowledge that calorie intake varies based on age, sex, height, weight and level of physical activity and therefore provide twelve different calorie levels and food subgroups to consume,’ he said..
  • olive oil in a jar, stock image ‘American guidelines recommend certain allowances for grains (including how many should be whole), oils and protein and dairy,’ he added..
  • Whilst carbohydrates are essential for energy intake, carbs from whole foods are much better for the body than refined carbs, as they break down slower – releasing energy for longer and preventing spikes in blood sugar levels,’ he added..
  • ‘Japan recommends one of the largest servings compared to other countries, and the benefits of introducing more fish into the diet include omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the brain….

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