These 5 Drinks Cause the Worst Teeth Stains, Dental Surgeon Says

these 5 drinks cause the worst teeth stains dental surgeon says

Sumary of These 5 Drinks Cause the Worst Teeth Stains, Dental Surgeon Says:

  • Dr. Ryan Chaliff, MD, DDS, is a doctor of dental surgery in Nashville, TN, and the creator of BrideBRITE, a dental system that uses enamel-safe, dual LED light technology to whiten teeth, according to a brand rep.
  • Also, if you’re into the science behind staying well, don’t miss One Major Effect Pickle Juice Has on Your Gut, Says Science.
  • RELATED: One Major Side Effect of Drinking White Wine Instead of Red ShutterstockChaliff points out that berries are a “great healthy snack,” but they’re also highly pigmented and can lead to those frustrating stains.
  • To combat those fruit stains, Chaliff suggests you eat crunchy green vegetables, like celery and lettuce, to help naturally help scrub away the berry or fruit juice stains on your teeth while you chew.

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