This One Ingredient Naturally Whitens Coffee-Stained Teeth, New Study Says

this one ingredient naturally whitens coffee stained teeth new study says

Sumary of This One Ingredient Naturally Whitens Coffee-Stained Teeth, New Study Says:

  • A team of dental researchers at Iran’s Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences recently published an intriguing study in the peer-reviewed Dental Research Journal.
  • To start, the research team allowed 30 teeth to sit inside a 98.6-degree coffee solution for five days.
  • RELATED: 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now Then, they split the teeth into three groups of 10. Science suggests charcoal’s abrasive nature helps slough foreign material away from surfaces, and its chemical composition binds to absorb toxins away from the source, like coffee stains on otherwise healthy teeth.
  • They state that “the differences between the toothpastes were not significant,” but that “all the three used toothpastes have the abrasive and whitening effect on the samples significantly.

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