This One Thing Keeps 60% of People from Being Healthier, New Data Says

this one thing keeps 60 of people from being healthier new data says

Sumary of This One Thing Keeps 60% of People from Being Healthier, New Data Says:

  • A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of supplement company Naturade polled 2,005 Americans on their physical and mental health habits—and the factors keeping them from living healthier lives.
  • Among the survey’s respondents, a shocking 79% said that the grocery store closest to their home was still over a mile away.
  • In fact, the average distance between respondents’ homes and their nearest grocery store was 4.1 miles—a short drive if you have a car, but a more or less unwalkable distance when you’re carrying a week’s worth of groceries in your arms.
  • ShutterstockUnfortunately, survey respondents said their inability to access fresh food led to some major consequences.
  • Just 50% said that eating healthy food was among their top priorities, and the average survey participant consumed fast food nearly three times a week, with 24% of interviewees eating fast food five times or more each week.

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