UK’s most sugary summer drinks revealed – Pret a Manger’s Chocolate Shake takes f …

uks most sugary summer drinks revealed pret a mangers chocolate shake takes first place

Sumary of UK’s most sugary summer drinks revealed – Pret a Manger’s Chocolate Shake takes first place:

  • Pret a Manger’s summer drinks have the highest sugar content with an average 32.3g per drink, while the chain’s Chocolate Shake has over double your daily allowance of sugar, new research has revealed.
  • Intrigued with finding the most sugar filled summer cold drinks menu, Brewsmartly.
  • com’s research on the sugar content of our favourite cocktails to consider how much sugar could be hiding in our everyday summer drinks.
  • The four most popular drinks outlets were collated by quantity of UK located stores.
  • Using the nutritional information provided on each of their respective websites, each drink was then ranked according to the sugar content.
  • After analysing the nutritional information of milkshakes, frappes, iced coffees, and smoothie drinks in each menu, researchers found that the most sugar filled summer drinks menu belongs to Pret a Manger.
  • Pret a Manger has an average of 32.3g of sugar per cold drink, which is the highest average sugar content of all chains featured in the study – and also comes out on top with the highest average calorie content at 212.3 kcal.
  • Pistachio Frappe Crème 44.3g 146 Caffè Nero is second, only 5.7g away from the top spot with an average 26.6g of sugar per drink.

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