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Worldwide information & tips on Veganism health, iWeller shares Veganism health tips with love.

20 Vegetables Ranked By Protein

After sneaking in a much-needed post-holiday workout, my friend Sarah and I hit up a restaurant in town for lunch.” Smart choice: A solid serving of protein after a sweat sesh is …

Why vegan mum won’t toilet train son

This included sticks, rocks, dirt and sand as well as licking “unsanitised shopping carts”. While letting babies consume a small amount of bacteria from objects put in their mo…

6 Ways to Make Healthy ‘Beef’ Jerky

People have relied on jerky for centuries as a way to preserve meat from spoiling. There are two main components necessary for making jerky: salt and heat. But the process of makin…

Domino’s launch a Christmas dinner PIZZA

Christmas sandwiches are now a staple on the high street every year, but now other food retailers are jumping on the bandwagon to cash in on the demand for festive food offerings -…


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