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Worldwide information & tips on Veganism health, iWeller shares Veganism health tips with love.

Vegetarians Have Healthier Biomarkers Than Meat Eaters

researchers have found that vegetarians have better indicators of health, called biomarkers, than people who eat meat.. People who follow a vegetarian diet have a healthier biomarker profile than meat eaters, found a new…

Burger King launches a vegan chicken burger

Following months of speculation and buzz, the Burger King® Vegan Royale launched nationwide yesterday, and is made from a pea-protein chicken imitator.. The chain says the £4.79 burger has been years in the making and is…

Are vegan diets good for your heart?

There are many reasons why people may adopt a vegan diet, such as animal welfare, sustainability or to lose weight.. Another reason that often touted is that vegan diets are good for your heart, and can not only prevent heart…

Eating processed meat could increase dementia risk

Scientists from the University’s Nutritional Epidemiology Group used data from 500,000 people, discovering that consuming a 25g serving of processed meat a day, the equivalent to one rasher of bacon, is associated with a…

FEMAIL taste tests gourmet chef-curated ready meals

When most people think of ready meals they picture a value supermarket meal that’s often high in fat and sugar… This has driven the rise of some very fancy ready meals – from the health conscious, keto plan from Love Yourself,…

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