Vitamin Deficiencies: Noting the Oral Health Clues Present in the Mouth


Sumary of Vitamin Deficiencies: Noting the Oral Health Clues Present in the Mouth:

  • © sementsova321 / Adobe Stock The recent emphasis on the importance of a healthy diet and good nutrition has not been ignored by the dental profession..
  • Vitamin A Vitamin A consists of a combination of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds that are typically found in a variety of meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products..
  • It is found in citrus fruits and some vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts.6 Vitamin C is important in maintaining and repairing healthy connective tissue and has antioxidant properties.2 The most common oral symptom of a vitamin C deficiency is bleeding gingiva and gingivitis..
  • Also, vitamin D “increases the production of antimicrobial proteins that fights bacteria causing decay.”7 Therefore, one sign of a vitamin D deficiency is an increase in caries..
  • Another sign of a vitamin D deficiency is a change in the pulp horns of a tooth in a radiograph from “U-shaped to a chair-shaped pattern that looks like a skinny ‘H’.”8 Furthermore, the lack of vitamin D may cause abnormal alveolar bone patterns and hypo-mineralization that compromises tooth integrity…

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