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Worldwide information & tips on Vitamin C health, iWeller shares diet health tips with love.

‘Health’ tonic with your ENTIRE daily sugar limit in one dose

With wintry weather adding to lockdown malaise, a ‘health tonic’ might seem like just what the doctor ordered.Liquid tonics range from iron-based pick-me-ups that have been around for decades to modern herbal and vitamin-based products, but most promise a boost to your energy, immunity or general wellbeing.‘Some people...

What to Do If You or Someone You Love Has COVID-19

If you don’t have a pulse oximeter, then you can look for skin color changes that indicate low oxygen. People with light skin may develop blue-ish lips, and individuals with dark skin may notice that their gums, lips, or skin turn white or gray. If this happens, “You're...

Grocery Diaries: An Avid Meal Prepper With Endometriosis and a Mushroom Allergy

In the case of food allergies, a person's immune system reacts after eating a specific item, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms vary for each person, but consuming any amount of an allergy-triggering food can cause issues such as gas, hives, and breathing problems. Undoubtedly, Danielle has a lot...

Veganuary and its impact on oral health

January is a popular month to go vegan or just eat less meat. However, do we take the potential impact of this on oral health into consideration? Dr Maria Papavergos explores this choice from an oral and overall health perspective. Often Veganuary, or becoming vegan, is often a...

What do we really know about antioxidants?

Most people have probably heard that antioxidant-rich foods and supplements can benefit health, but many may not fully understand what antioxidants are or how they function in the body. According to an article in biomolecules, the word antioxidant is one of the most confusing scientific terms that scientific...

Nutritionist reveals the recipes which support immunity

An award-winning nutritionist has revealed the recipes to support the immune system including indulgent chocolate cups and delicious banana curries. Speaking exclusive to Femail, Kate Llewellyn-Waters, from London, shared the recipes from her new book, The Immunity Cookbook, which feature foods rich in zinc, probiotics, antioxidants and vitamin C and...

17 Herbal Remedies To Get Rid Of Hot Flashes

Wellness oi-Shivangi Karn on January 23, 2021 Hot flashes are characterised by sudden sensations of warmth on the neck, face, chest or other body parts. They are followed by the onset of sweating and visible redness. Hot flashes are common in perimenopausal or menopausal women but also occurs...

Best supplements for hair growth: Cystine, capsaicin and marine proteins could help

Based on a comprehensive review conducted by researchers from the department of dermatology at the University of California, certain elements are more likely to help people achieve healthy looking hair and hair growth. The researchers noted: "Vitamins and trace minerals are vital to the hair follicle cycle."Amino acidsCystine...

Count on these herbs to improve your immunity

Cold temperatures, dry air, low humidity — which are prevalent during the winter season — are conducive for the active breeding of most viruses and microbes. With certain regional causes contributing to massive increase in air pollutants and heavy metals in cities like Delhi NCR and around, it...

These 7 Ayurvedic hair fall remedies will restore your mane to its former glory

Looking for hair fall remedies that are completely natural? Then are 7 Ayurvedic ingredients to try that come with zero side effects. In Ayurveda , hair is given the utmost importance. Any disturbances in the bone tissue, nervous system and digestive system can hamper the growth and texture...
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