Your dreams can indicate the state of your health? An expert tells you more

your dreams can indicate the state of your health an expert tells you more

Sumary of Your dreams can indicate the state of your health? An expert tells you more:

  • The negative dreams that we see are often linked to our health.
  • But did you know your sleep pattern, diet, lifestyle and other health aspects have a strong impact on your dreams?
  • There are various dream patterns and types of dreams that may indicate certain things about you, and also your health.
  • Image courtesy: Shutterstock Here are some common dream patterns that serve as a window to your health: 1. Falling teeth Teeth are the symbols of power and confidence.
  • Dreaming about your teeth falling is an indication of disturbed mental health.
  • It commonly represents anxiety, nervousness and panic-induced behaviour.
  • This is because your subconscious state is an extension of your mental health acting up, and the message comes up in the form of a dream.
  • The last word Having a nightmare once in a while does not indicate health issues, so do not jump to conclusions.

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