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UK coronavirus death toll rises with highest daily record of 1,610

Public Health England says number of daily new infections fell to 33,355 – down from 37,535 El lunes

The UK has recorded its deadliest day from coronavirus so far, con 1,610 deaths recorded on Tuesday.

It comes as the number of new infections fell, with confirmed coronavirus cases within 24 hours dropping to 33,355 – down from 38,598 cases on Sunday, and 37,535 El lunes.

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China, WHO should have sounded pandemic alarm sooner: expert panel

A panel of experts commissioned by the World Health Organization has criticized China and other countries for not moving to stem the initial outbreak of the coronavirus earlier and questioned whether the UN health agency should have labelled it a pandemic sooner.In a report issued to the media Monday, the panel led by former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark said there...

Ontario reports 1,913 new COVID-19 cases, but at least 400 still in ICU

Premier Doug Ford is scheduled to hold a news conference beginning at 1 p.m. in Toronto. Ford's office says he will be joined by the ministers of health and long-term care, as well as the head of Ontario's vaccine distribution task force.You'll be able to watch it live in this story. Ontario recorded another 1,913 cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, though provincial officials cautioned that Toronto Public Health —...

New drug combination may help treat acute myeloid leukemia

New York, enero 19

Researchers have identified two drugs that are potent against acute myeloid leukemia (AML) when combined, but only weakly effective when used alone.

The research team was able to significantly enhance cancer cell death by jointly administering the drugs that are only partially effective when used as single-agent therapies.

Our study shows that two types of drugs, MDM2 inhibitors and BET inhibitors, work synergistically to promote significant anti-leukemia activity,” said researcher Peter Adams, Professor at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in the US.

The results were surprising because previous research had shown that each drug on its own had modest benefit against AML. The new research provides scientific rationale to advance clinical studies of the drug combination in patients with AML,” Adams added in the study published in the journal Nature Communications.

There are many types of AML, and different cases have different chromosome changes, gene mutations and epigenetic modifications, making it difficult for researchers to find novel therapies that will work for a substantial proportion of patients. Although much progress has been made toward finding effective treatments in recent years, the long-term overall survival has stagnated.

According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate for adults with AML remains less than 30 per cent.

Notably, TP53, the most frequently mutated gene in all human cancers, is found unaltered in about 90 per cent of AML patients, the researchers said.

Since the product of the TP53 gene, p53, acts to suppress tumours, scientists have sought drugs that reactivate or boost its anti-cancer powers in AML, which should provide a clinical benefit. sin embargo, such drugs on their own, have been disappointing in AML.

We were interested in combining MDM2 and BET inhibitors because each showed encouraging pre-clinical activity, but limited activity when given to patients as a single agent,” said Adams.

Our research unexpectedly showed that like MDM2 inhibitors, BET inhibitors activate p53, but through a different pathway. BET inhibitors mute the power of a protein called BRD4, which we found is a p53 suppressor in AML,” Adams added. IANS

Streaming designed to benefit biggest music artists, says label boss

Universal’s UK head tells MPs services are not perfect, as it emerges it can take over 1m streams to make £1,000

The UK chief executive of Universal Music, the home of stars including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and the Beatles, has said streaming deals are designed to benefit the biggest artists – as it emerged it can take more than 1m streams to make £1,000.

David Joseph also told MPs that greater effort was needed to force more royalty payments from YouTube, which is responsible for the majority of music consumption but pays relatively small fees by taking advantage of loopholes in copyright laws.

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UK pet bereavement helplines report big rise in calls during Covid

As actor Miranda Hart takes time off, charities speak of heartache many face after loss of beloved animal

Animal bereavement helplines have reported a big increase in calls during the coronavirus pandemic, charities have said, as it emerged that comedian and actor Miranda Hart was taking time off to grieve the loss of her beloved dog Peggy.

The Blue Cross animal charity and Cats Protection, a UK charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray cats, said they had received a growing number of calls from people unable to be with their dying pets because of social-distancing rules that mean vets have to euthanise a cat or dog alone.

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Mixed results for mechanical thrombectomy alone in acute ischemic stroke

Two studies published in JAMA of mechanical thrombectomy alone vs. mechanical thrombectomy plus IV thrombolysis in patients with acute ischemic stroke contradicted each other.
In the SKIP trial, mechanical thrombectomy alone did not meet noninferiority criteria for favorable functional outcome compared with mechanical thrombectomy plus IV thrombolysis, but in the DEVT trial, it did. sin embargo, the SKIP researchers could not conclude inferiority, either.
“Together, the trial findings demonstrate that the treatment strategies of [endovascular treatment alone and of IV thrombolysis before

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