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Worldwide tips & information on fitness for anyone who love gym, yoga, weight lifting, cycling and aerobic, iWeller shares mental health tips with love.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against city over COVID regulations

(AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a civil lawsuit a fitness gym filed against a Mississippi city claiming the city violated business owners’ rights when it forced non-essential businesses to close to help mitigate…

A 15-Minute Butt and Legs Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If you’re looking for a leg-day challenge, a bodyweight lower-body workout probably isn’t the first thing that jumps to mind.. You need external resistance—say, in the form of free weights or resistance bands—to really…

11 Steps That Will Get You Running Your First Mile

If you want to work out more, add in cross-training workouts—aerobic efforts that will challenge your heart and lungs with less pounding, such as cycling, swimming, or the elliptical.. Mixing in yoga improves your mobility…

Submission Guidelines for SELF’s 2021 Sneaker Awards

And perhaps more than any other type of fitness gear and apparel, footwear can be highly personal and downright polarizing.. But with so many options available, we also get that it can feel overwhelming anytime you start…

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