10 Things I Learned After Cutting My Workouts to 10 Minutes a Day


Sumary of 10 Things I Learned After Cutting My Workouts to 10 Minutes a Day:

  • Eventually you may use those 10 minutes as a jumping off point to longer workouts—or you may stick with what working, Brittany Overstreet, Ph.D., a certified clinical exercise physiologist and assistant professor of kinesiology and applied physiology at the University of Delaware, tells SELF..
  • It a personal preference, but I love to feel my muscles get really worked up in order to deem an exercise worth going back to again and again..
  • It is, however, meant to be performed with intentional breaks for maximum efficiency, she says, so be wary of dragging this type of exercise out for longer periods of time, which won’t make it any more efficient (10 minutes is actually ideal here for me!)..
  • One thing I’ve really started to enjoy sometimes is using that whole 10 minutes to focus on just stretching and moving my body, something I now find just as useful as traditional strength training or HIIT..
  • Leavell recommends a mobility routine, which focuses on things like injury prevention and easing muscle tightness induced by holding static positions (such as working at a computer or watching TV), to help your muscles move through their range of motion…

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