10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier

10 ways to get kids to eat healthier

Sumary of 10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier:

  • A healthy diet is important throughout your life, but early on, balanced, nutritious meals are particularly important.
  • And as adults, we are perpetually trying to think of creative ways to get them to eat more healthy foods.
  • According to the CDC, empty calories from added sugars and solid fats contribute to 40% of daily calories for children and adolescents age 2–18 years.
  • Approximately half of these empty calories come from six sources: soda, fruit drinks, dairy desserts, grain desserts, pizza, and whole milk.
  • Here are 10 easy ways to get your kids to eat more healthy food: Set a good example: As a parent, if you demonstrate a healthy relationship with food, kids will mimic your behavior.
  • Examples are eating breakfast every morning and eating fresh foods and vegetables.
  • A study about what influences children eating behavior Illustrated that “Children also learn about food by observing the eating behaviours modeled by others.
  • For example, research reveals that children’s intake of fruits, vegetables, and milk increased after observing adults consuming the foods.

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