11 possible tricep dips mistakes that are sabotaging your workout session


Read this one before you start doing those tricep dips and eliminate all possible errors that you might commit while you are at it.

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If you want to tone your arms, tricep dips can truly work wonders! The thing, however, is that you need to do them the right way in order to see the results. If you don’t do your tricep dips right, you’re not only taking yourself farther from your goal of toning your arms but also putting yourself at risk of injuries.

Tricep dips are simple but you do need to take care of some pressure points. The essence of this exercise lies in the movement and the pressure that you apply using your upper arms. If done correctly, you will get leaner and stronger arms. Unfortunately, failing to perform this exercise the right way will only leave you in pain and discomfort.

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Here are 11 of the most common mistakes you need to identify and avoid when performing tricep dips:

You’re not dipping low enough

If you are not lowering your body properly, your arms will miss out on the contraction needed for this exercise to work. So, make sure you’re dipping low enough but do not touch your body to the ground.

You are keeping your elbows too far apart

Your elbow should be shoulder-width apart…

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