6 warning signs you're working out too much, and what to do about it

6 warning signs youre working out too much and what to do about it

Sumary of 6 warning signs you're working out too much, and what to do about it:

  • Working out too much can delay fitness progress or even undermine strength and muscle gains.
  • Overtraining can hurt your fitness progress and increase risk of injury, especially when you’re a fitness beginner, according to Chris Duffin, a world record-holding powerlifter and co-founder of Kabuki Strength.
  • You’re working out hard, but not making strength or muscle gainsOne huge red flag that you’re exercising too much is that you’ve stopped seeing progress.
  • Spending hours in the gym without being able to lift more or improve suggests you aren’t giving your muscles adequate rest and support to grow back stronger, he said.
  • You can’t finish the workout or lift the same weight you used to If you don’t listen to your body, you could actually start to lose some of your hard-earned strength gains.
  • Duffin said overtraining can cause your muscles to fatigue to the point where you become too exhausted to finish a workout, or have to lower the weight or reduce the number of sets to finish.
  • You might find yourself in compensation patterns, using the wrong muscle groups and causing undue stress on your body as a result.
  • And if something hurts beyond just muscle fatigue while training, stop what you’re doing, Duffin said.

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