A Full-Body Cardio Workout With Zero Jumping That’ll Still Make You Sweat

a full body cardio workout with zero jumping thatll still make you sweat

Sumary of A Full-Body Cardio Workout With Zero Jumping That’ll Still Make You Sweat:

  • That’s “pretty much the most effective way to get your heart rate going,” certified personal trainer Alicia Jamison, C.
  • Another option: Build a workout with compound movements, which are exercises that involve multiple joints and stimulate large muscle groups.
  • As Jamison explains it, “the more muscle groups you can get involved in the exercise, the higher the intensity, and the more you’ll start to feel a little breathless.
  • ” Examples of compound movements include push-ups, lunges, deadlifts, and squats.
  • In sum, jumping is not your only option for getting in good cardio, says Jamison.
  • Exhibit A: this low-impact, full-body cardio workout, created by Jamison, that combines a fast tempo with compound movements for a seriously sweaty routine.
  • You’ll also get doses of strength training, muscular endurance, and hypertrophy (muscle building) in the routine, says Jamison.
  • In the process, you won’t pound your joints, ligaments, or tendons, which could be appealing if you have a history of pain or injury, or if you’ve been doing a lot of high-impact exercise lately and just need to take a break from explosive movements to help your body recover.

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