anorexia woman tells how eating disorder can strike at any age

Sumary of Anorexia: Woman tells how eating disorder can strike at any age:

  • Elisa Donovan discusses her anorexia battleIf someone had told Abi Reynolds she’d spend her 30s battling a debilitating eating disorder, she wouldn’t have believed them.
  • But when she was 32, Abi, a former translator and teaching assistant, started to diet and exercise to ensure she was in peak health when trying for a second baby.
  • But surprisingly quickly, she developed an eating disorder which took over her life.
  • Abi started running to try to boost her health and self-esteem – but soon became addicted.
  • Within three months, she had lost a third of her body weight, going from a healthy size 12 to dangerously underweight.
  • ” Abi’s eating disorder left her suicidal (Image: Collect)Over the next two years, Abi’s periods stopped, she developed severe insomnia, and became uncharacteristically irritable.
  • Her mental health spiralled as she was eating less than ever and was still hitting the gym hard as she entered her third trimester.
  • ” Despite her fears, Abi’s son Laurie was born at a healthy weight in April 2019, and she felt determined to recover for the sake of her family.

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