Australia’s deadly $51.2b problem

australias deadly 51 2b problem

Sumary of Australia’s deadly $51.2b problem:

  • Healthy Australians who love playing sport and exercising are among those most at risk from a problem we can all play a role in addressing.
  • Todd quickly recognised Amato’s condition and immediately started CPR compressions while another player called for an ambulance.
  • Amato had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, which occurs when the heart stops beating or is not beating sufficiently to maintain life.
  • Out of hospital, sudden cardiac arrest has a survival rate of 12 per cent, with approximately 22,000 deaths in Australia every year.
  • A recent report conducted by Economic Connections found the economic cost associated with sudden cardiac deaths in Australia is around $51.2 billion per year.
  • Amato had not experienced any major health issues before the cardiac arrest.
  • ”Moment the football world held its breathFive months after Amato’s near-death experience, another footballer’s sudden cardiac arrest dominated headlines around the world.
  • In June, footage of Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsing during a Euro 2020 match against Finland shocked the football community, along with haunting images of his teammates forming a protective guard as he was treated by medics.

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