Big rise in UK weekend cycling amid calls for more investment

big rise in uk weekend cycling amid calls for more investment

Sumary of Big rise in UK weekend cycling amid calls for more investment:

  • However, weekday cycling numbers in England remain at pre-pandemic levels, prompting campaigners to warn that without investment in safe cycling infrastructure, as traffic volumes return to normal, more people will turn to cars for everyday trips.
  • Analysis of government cycle count data from March to July shows pedal-powered trips were up 28% on Saturdays and Sundays across England and down 3% on weekdays against pre-pandemic levels.
  • Cycling peaked at 300% above pre-pandemic levels on some days in 2020, as people cycled for their daily exercise on quiet roads.
  • With the right infrastructure and safety measures, we can make it easier for people to walk and cycle their everyday journeys.
  • Many who started cycling on quiet roads last year have since stopped, because of fear of traffic – and while many cities, such as London, Manchester and Leicester are investing heavily in cycle routes, building a complete network takes time, and money.
  • Transport for London said weekday cycling numbers have dropped 12% in the capital because of rain and fewer commuting trips, but numbers at weekends are up 47% against pre-pandemic numbers, even during rainy weekend days.
  • Covid and getting access to a bike hangar [secure cycle parking] changed my travel habits.

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