Cornflakes, fruit cups and drinking: life stuck in a locked-off Byron hostel

cornflakes fruit cups and drinking life stuck in a locked off byron hostel

Sumary of Cornflakes, fruit cups and drinking: life stuck in a locked-off Byron hostel:

  • Day three of lockdown at the Aquarius Backpackers, and all Nina D’Angelo craves is a decent coffee.
  • ”The 22-year-old Sydney woman arrived in Byron Bay with two friends on Monday for a much-needed break after finishing a string of university assignments.
  • She is now one of 84 people placed into a week-long lockdown after an unvaccinated guest tested positive to Covid-19.D’Angelo and her friends first became aware of an exposure returning from the gym on Wednesday morning.
  • ”From the wrap-around balcony, D’Angelo had been able to interact with the 24-hour security guard manned out the front of the hostel, who confirmed a rumour someone had attempted to jump the fence on Thursday evening.
  • “I asked him if he had information and he said, ‘I have all of it,’ so I asked him if whoever’s tested negative can go home and isolate,” she said.
  • ”D’Angelo said some people had planned to stay for a single night, arrived without toiletries and extra clothes and were now trapped for two weeks as they were unable to fly home until a fortnight after exposure.
  • Shayla Calvert, 25, said she’d received “no messaging at all” from management apart from confirmation there’d been a positive case, and they were to remain in the hostel.

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