Sumary of Course of COVID-19 Likely to Go Long:

  • “As we better understand the disease burden of PASC in COVID-19 survivors, we can develop precise treatment plans to improve clinical care in patients with COVID-19 who are at greatest risk of PASC and establish integrated, evidence-based clinical management for those affected,” Ssentongo and colleagues opined.
  • In discussing the findings with Contagion, Ssentongo elaborated on their hope for improved approaches to PASC,”Machine learning models that use genomic, clinical, and socio-demographic information to predict patients with PASC will prove to be useful in guiding precision medicine,” he said.
  • The investigators screened a total of 2,100 studies, with 57 meeting inclusion criteria containing 250,351 survivors of COVID-19, of whom 79% (197,777) had been hospitalized for the acute infection.
  • The studies included randomized clinical trials, prospective and retrospective cohort studies, case series with at least 10 patients and case-control studies with reported PASC frequencies.
  • 6 studies) and exercise tolerance was reduced in 14.7% (10.6-18.%;
  • Neurological symptoms included difficulty concentrating in 23.8% (20.4-25.9%;4 studies), with other common symptoms including headaches, memory deficits, and cognitive impairment.
  • Mental health disorders diagnosed after acute infection included anxiety in 29.6% (14.0-44.0%;
  • “Of course, future studies are necessary to delineate the psychological effect of the pandemic and the direct effect of the virus.

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