Does High-Intensity Exercise Affect Our Hearts? Minds? Life Spans? Waistlines?

does high intensity exercise affect our hearts minds life spans waistlines

Sumary of Does High-Intensity Exercise Affect Our Hearts? Minds? Life Spans? Waistlines?:

  • When we skip working out, even if we did HIIT the day before, our blood sugar and blood pressure control may slip, undercutting the long-term metabolic gains from those earlier intervals.
  • “I wish we would start using the more-encompassing term ‘interval training,’” rather than HIIT, Dr. Gibala said.
  • You might try one minute on, one minute off, meaning you push yourself for 60 seconds, rest for 60, and repeat, or the four-minute interval workouts employed often in Dr. Wisloff’s research, with four minutes of strenuous effort followed by four minutes of rest.
  • Swedish for speed play, fartlek workouts involve picking a goal, such as a tree or light pole up ahead, and speeding up until you reach it.

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