Don’t have the time to work out? Then read what mindful thinking about fitness can do for you

We are the only living creatures who have managed not to die out while being sedentary. After all, all animals need to move to be able to survive. Humans developed knowledge on how to thrive without having to physically move–but that has brought us a whole new set of problems. 

While we no longer necessarily need to do physical actions to survive, our survival has been directly linked to being sedentary in order to do our jobs and earn money. And so we survive by paying for food, education, and shelter.

As a result, fitness is no longer the focus for most of us
Daily regular movement and exercise have gone from being part and parcel of our lives to being a commodity that we need to take time out for–then be it going to the gym or a park or exercising at home. 

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Another consequence of modernity is that we are spending much more time at our place of work than people did ever before. This gives us much less time to do everything else we enjoy, like being with family and friends and socializing. Needless to say, the most common reason for people not to exercise is the lack of time. By the time we are done working, commuting, and being with friends and family the day is gone.

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