Don’t Sugarcoat: Inform Every Patient about Their Dental Hygiene Diagnosis

dont sugarcoat inform every patient about their dental hygiene diagnosis

Sumary of Don’t Sugarcoat: Inform Every Patient about Their Dental Hygiene Diagnosis:

  • © Светлана Наклейщиков / Adobe Stock No amount of time will be enough to do everything perfectly during each dental appointment.
  • However, I’m here to tell you one easy step that you should not overlook: Always tell patients their dental hygiene diagnosis.
  • We’ve all sugarcoated periodontal disease, telling patients, “Oh, you have a little bit of bleeding, but overall, things look nice!
  • ” When we make these concerns seem normal, the last thing patients are going to be is concerned.
  • If patients have to read through the lines of what we are telling them, there is a lot of room for misunderstanding.
  • These inconclusive phrases we give to patients can stem from hygienists not feeling confident or empowered enough.
  • We need to own that we are highly educated health care providers in our field and have the confidence to share our knowledge with our patients.
  • So, eat healthy and try to get more exercise, and you’ll be fine!

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