‘Dry Scooping’ Pre-workout Powder Is the Latest Dangerous Trend to Hit TikTok


Sumary of ‘Dry Scooping’ Pre-workout Powder Is the Latest Dangerous Trend to Hit TikTok:

  • Dry scooping refers to putting a scoop of pre-workout powder (or sometimes protein powder) in your mouth, instead of mixing the powder with water or another liquid and drinking it as intended..
  • And Newsweek reported on a fitness influencer who chased four dry scoops with another four scoops mixed with water and went to the ER with dangerously high blood pressure and brain swelling..
  • (More on that in a minute.) Pre-workout supplements commonly contain ingredients such as carbs, caffeine, amino acids, creatine monohydrate, green tea extract, and B vitamins, Ansari says..
  • But everyone body is a little different, and when you’re consuming a concentrated blend of multiple ingredients you can’t know what to expect..
  • “Not everyone will react the same to pre-workout products when they’re properly mixed with fluids, so imagine taking concentrated forms of the supplement,”.
  • “How do you know if the concentrated blend of ingredients you’re consuming at once isn’t going to negatively affect you?.
  • Pre-workout powders can contain high concentrations (100mg or more per serving) of caffeine, Anari says, which is about the same as a cup of coffee)….

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