Fit in my 40s: pétanque, a game of enjoyable malice | Zoe Williams

fit in my 40s petanque a game of enjoyable malice zoe williams

Sumary of Fit in my 40s: pétanque, a game of enjoyable malice | Zoe Williams:

  • There is a beautiful simplicity to the field of play: you’ve got a sandy strip marked out by the town council, and the first player toes a little line in the sand, to indicate where to stand.
  • because as soon as your six boules are thrown, the other team will have five left, and they can rack up a lot of points.
  • If one of your boules is closest to the jack when all have been thrown, but the second closest is your opponent’s, the score is one nil (or nul, if you prefer).
  • A classic underarm throw works fine, but the real Marseillaise pros use a kind of over-hand toss, with the ball under their fingers.

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