Good posture, ergonomics and exercise key to long career for ophthalmologists

Sumary of Good posture, ergonomics and exercise key to long career for ophthalmologists:

  • A lifetime of athletics, including decades of weight training, probably protected me some, but I heeded this early sign and made changes.
  • I also added the third critical protective factor: appropriate exercise and stretching.
  • I did some research, read widely and consulted with some quality MD pain management and spine surgeon colleagues.
  • They suggested that I transition from classical strength-focused weight training to other forms of exercise and stretching and that doing so would not only enhance my career as an ophthalmologist but allow me to continue to enjoy my then-preferred sports of tennis, golf, skiing, hunting and fishing.
  • It requires no equipment and is based on books written by Pete Egoscue, the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan and a set of isometrics.

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