Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your physical activity?

has the covid 19 pandemic affected your physical activity

Sumary of Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your physical activity?:

  • ” Initially, the containment measures introduced at the onset of the pandemic drastically reduced my physical activity practice.
  • I subscribed to online CrossFit workshops and coaching programs and purchased some fitness equipment on Amazon, including an indoor rower, barbells and dumbbells.
  • I also adopted a nutrition plan based on my fitness program, and the combination of aerobic exercise and high-intensity interval training maximized the afterburn effect.
  • Now I am back to a hectic schedule at work and more social interactions, which make it difficult to stick with the previous fitness program and regular eating schedule.
  • My workout schedule is no longer daily — it is rather every other day — but I keep it regular, and I am determined not to lose the healthy habits I have acquired.

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