Headache diet: What foods trigger migraines? The dietary changes to make

headache diet what foods trigger migraines the dietary changes to make

Sumary of Headache diet: What foods trigger migraines? The dietary changes to make:

  • uk chatted to Andrea Burton, Technical Adviser at Bio-Kult, www.
  • Dr Lee added: “It disrupts the ability to execute daily tasks, to sleep and exercise, and it results in sadness, anxiety and depression, loss of hope for the future, and causes further health anxiety.
  • “Back pain also curtails daily life due to the inability to go out, leading to social isolation, and being unable to participate in hobbies and pastimes.
  • Bio-Kult technical advisor Andrea said: “As far as foods, drinks and ingredients are concerned, it doesn’t hurt to try to figure out if one or more food items (or ingredients) might be triggering your headache.
  • It’s also important that you cut out more pro-inflammatory foods, such as processed and high sugar foods, vegetable and sunflower oils and excessive amounts of cereal based grains, Andrea said.
  • “This means limiting the consumption of white bread, sugar, milk chocolate, sweets, pastries, rice, potato, jams, honey, ready-made fruit juices and sugary drinks, whilst increasing legumes, fruits and vegetables.
  • Andrea added: “Research has also shown that B-vitamins can have therapeutic effects on migraine patients so look at including eggs, asparagus, all green vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes and lentils in your diet.

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