‘Heartbreaking’ result of Covid in pregnancy

heartbreaking result of covid in pregnancy

Sumary of ‘Heartbreaking’ result of Covid in pregnancy:

  • Dr Gau Bhagwanani, the birthing unit director at Liverpool Hospital, said she had personally seen the grim implications of mothers-to-be contracting Covid-19.NSW recorded 1259 new local cases on Wednesday.
  • ”Dr Bhagwanani said it had been traumatic for mothers to be separated from their newborn babies and family members after birth, because they had the virus.
  • “Other members of your family, including the support person who is coming with you at the time of delivery, need to be vaccinated in order to protect you and your baby,” she said.
  • It has been heartbreaking to deliver babies pre-term because their mums have been so unwell.
  • “It has been heartbreaking to separate the babies from their mothers and fathers because they need admission to the nursery and their parents have been too unwell to visit them.
  • Most of us spend a lot of time ensuring we are eating right things, exercising, doing all the things we can to provide our babies with the best start in life.
  • “What poses the greatest risk to women and their babies is not the vaccine.
  • “Having COVID-19 whiles you’re pregnant means you’re at double the risk of needing an ICU admission, you have an increased risk of needing invasive ventilation and you’re at increased risk of requiring a pre-term delivery.

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