Here’s why you should stop lounging around in your sweaty workout clothes


Sumary of Here’s why you should stop lounging around in your sweaty workout clothes:

  • If you think wearing sweaty workout clothes for a little while is harmless, read all the gross things it can cause…
  • After a sweaty workout sesh, the first thing most people would like to do is get a breather, check those missed calls, and just relax a bit…
  • The problem is wearing sweaty clothes and lounging around in them for a long time can lead to health problems that you can’t even imagine…
  • Skin infections Staying in sweaty clothes means inviting trouble for your skin, especially in the form of fungal and bacterial infections…
  • According to The National Institutes of Health, wearing sweaty clothes can lead to the penetration of these pathogens into your skin…
  • Itching, patchy skin, and problems like athlete foot is also seen in people, who don’t get rid of their workout clothes ASAP…
  • Itching, burning sensation while peeing, vaginal discharge, and a lot of discomfort awaits you, if you don’t take off your sweaty clothes right away….

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